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The Reverend Ranjan Cletus joined our parish in November of 2019 coming to us from St. Louis Catholic Church in Waco.  Father Ranjan was ordained in 1984 and has been serving in the Austin Diocese

since 1993.

Father Ranjan enjoys eating at all the local restaurants and watching soccer on television.  

Father Ranjan was born in Alleppey, Kerala in India and still supports  the St. Antony's orphanage in his hometown as his choice of charity.

Fun Fact:  Father Ranjan NEVER memorizes his homily.  He reads the readings, digests them, and then asks God to help him to preach.  He also enjoys playing tennis and basketball. 




The first Catholic settlers in this area were counted as members of the Church of the Visitation Parish in Westphalia.  It was a long way to travel to attend services with horse drawn conveyances so the people of the Cyclone area began to have Mass in the schoolhouse or in people's homes.

Recognizing the need for their own church, the people built a small house, dug a well and began to plan a church building to be built on five acres of land that had been donated.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church was erected on the hill of the plat that was bounded by St. Joseph's Road and the County Road.  The cornerstone reads "erected in 1902" and the parish was recognized and the building dedicated by Bishop Gallagher in October 1902.

Cyclone is in deep East Bell County - God's country - it is a friendly and happy place to live, work and worship.  We are learning from the past and looking forward to the future and the next 100 years.

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